Remodeling the Russell Sunroom

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First try and find out for what you want from the remodeled sunroom in your Russell home. If you provide a vague idea of what you want then it will be easier for the designer to help you out. It is not at all necessary to assist interior designers as they would certainly feel disappointed if you knew everything about remodeling and designing the sunroom. But if you provide your requirements they will understand your needs better.

Talk to the interior designer in detail:

Russell Sunroom Designers want their clients to take the maximum advantage of their creativity and that’s how they make their living. Talk to the designer in detail and also lend a listening ear to the suggestions they have for you. Keep asking questions so that both you as well as the designer know what exactly is required while remodeling the sunroom. He should know what exactly you want from the sunroom. Once he is clear, he will suggest you ideas and you can accordingly ask for modifications in the plan if any.

Set aside your budget:

Have an idea on how you want to remodel the sunroom. If you are not clear on what you want it may be difficult to engage a Russell interior designer. Different types of work are involved in remodeling sunrooms. There could be setting up new windows and archways, carpentry work or changing the overall appearance of the room. Furniture may require new upholstery and new things to fit in the new décor after you have remodeled the sunroom. The entire remodeling exercise involves a lot of additional cost, so it is important to set aside a reasonable budget.

Basic sunroom remodeling will ensure you make the entire remodeling exercise a fruitful one. The Russell remodeling contractor will provide you with a plan, which you can check and see before the remodeling exercise. Surely, you will have remodeled sunroom which blends well with the rest of the rooms in your home. Following a realistic budget and clarifying your needs before remodeling the sunroom takes place, will help greatly while remodeling the sunroom.

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Southwick Office Remodeling – Key Factors That Matter

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When you’re remodeling a Southwick office, there are some key points that need to be kept in mind while exchanging design ideas with your design team. These key features can be merged into one and that is: type of business. All the other main features like, image, traffic, functioning etc. all depend on this one. Type of business can provide solutions to all kinds of design queries like, how to decorate your remodeled Southwick office, what image does your business generate, what kind of clientele you have or how that business is carried on in an office.

The diversity in business types makes it somewhat difficult to jot down some common office remodeling tips. While one remodel tip can do wonders for an office, the same tip may prove to be a disaster if applied in totally different business type. For example, bold and bright colors can increase the creative flow in people, so opting for these colors might be a great idea if you’re running an ad agency or a magazine or such. On the other hand, if you’re running a technical enterprise where you need your work force to be focused and attentive, these colors can be distracting.

Now lets discuss some remodeling techniques that can help give your Southwick office and workforce a new look and feel.

Paint Colors:

While neutral colors give soothing effect at a home or a spa, they should not be used in an office. An office should have a vital and “alive” feel. When an employee walks into the office, you do not want to give him an environment where his enthusiasm transforms into tranquility to the point of snoozing. You need to keep your work force fresh and vigilant providing them with an environment that is calm, but not still.

A great office remodeling technique is to paint your entire office walls with the same color, may be even neutral, and then injecting the main color of your business logo, in shape of art work or furniture pieces like couches or desks, all around your office. You just need to make sure that such contrasts are not hurting to the eyes.

Office Furniture:

Your new office furniture should go with the over all remodel theme. It should be functional for your employees and comfortable for your clients at the same time. The new desks you’ve chosen for your employees must be of the right height with wide surfaces to have enough space for work. The person sitting on that desk will spend 8-10 hours on that chair so the distance between the desk and the chair should be enough to provide room for legs. The waiting room or area for your clients can have comfy couches with low tables to give an eased feel.

Wood furniture is preferable as is it’s the most durable but avoid going for huge, large pieces like big, round tables or tall cabinets that reach to the ceiling. Don’t overdo anything. Avoid heavy furniture, as it’ll give your office a dark, cramped look.


It is very necessary that an office function according to the working needs of that specific type of business. The space and area for desks, lighting, heating and cooling temperatures, where to put the copier or fax machine, the selection of wall for bulletin board, storage space and many decisions of these kinds are important for the smooth running of the business. As functioning can be a critical factor in workforce productivity, it might help you make a cohesive decision if you take opinions from your employees. They can have the best solutions to these questions, as they are the ones who have to work around that office everyday. Taking opinions from employees will not only give you better ideas, it will also develop a sense of involvement and belonging in your employees with the over all business.

We’ve just shared a few office remodel tips here. There are many other key factors to work on during an office remodel, like business logo, image, and traffic etc. and all these can be worked on keeping the type of business in mind, like we discussed.

Just a little endnote: hire a general contractor who has sufficient experience in commercial makeovers. If your Southwick office remodeling goes wrong, it wont only hurt your budget but the time that you have invested in that remodel project will also go to waste. A bad office remodel might even affect your business interest, image or revenue. Make informed decisions. Plan everything before you even start your GC shopping. In all that mayhem, don’t forget to include your personal touch in your remodel project. Not only your home, but also your office should say something about you.

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Massachusetts Bathroom Remodeling – Incorporate Going Green Elements

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As you are setting up your bathroom remodeling plan, it is wise to incorporate going green elements as much as you can.

We are a wasteful society and have developed the attitude of ‘there is more where that came from’, unlike past generations who tended to be more frugal and eke every vestige of usefulness before throwing anything out.

In relation to our bathroom remodeling plan, we might endeavor to re-purpose whatever we can and still get a pleasant result, while adding in some new going green factors.

So what can we re-purpose?

When remodeling a bath, it is probably wise to replace the toilet if it has any age on it, due to water inefficiency. This will save you money down the road, since the newer toilets require less water per flush. These have greatly improved over time and some research will turn up those that will give you the most flush for the water spent, and lower your water bill as a benefit.

In most cases, the vanity top needs replacing since it gets a lot of use, but the base unit could possibly be salvaged with  some sanding and prep and either a fresh coat of stain or paint. I favor stain, as I think it holds up better especially in a household with children.

A bathtub in good condition can be given a fresh look by installing new shower doors, or a new surround. This also saves the pain of major demolition and the expense of removal, as well as the landfill issue.

Faucets and showerheads are now available in endless supply, finish, and with a variety of features including lower water usage. This again will save both on the water bill and the energy bill for heating more water to fuel them.

Light fixtures should be purchased with energy saving in mind. Now, this is a serious and imminent issue. Be prepared to buy light fixtures and fittings for your bathroom remodeling project that accommodate the (CFL) or compact fluorescent light.

Why do I say this? Because the incandescent bulb will soon be a thing of the past. There is some dispute over just when this will take effect in the US, but be assured it will be soon. Australia and some European countries already have the ban in place, and retailers are selling their existing stock like hotcakes, but cannot purchase more.

We can either convert now, and have proper fixtures in place, or be forced to make the change in the near future.

Each of these suggestions contribute to the going green movement in one way or another. And, if you are resisting the movement toward green efforts, then comfort yourself by knowing that each of these tips will save you money, and we can all use some help in that area in these lagging economic times.

Massachusetts Bathroom Remodeling – 8 Things to Consider When Planning a Bathroom Renovation

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Bathroom remodeling has the second highest return on investment of any renovation you can do in your home. It is right next to kitchen remodeling for ROI.

A bathroom remodel can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars, to tens of thousands. It all depends on your budget, your home and your goals.

No matter what your budget, you have 2 goals with a bathroom remodel. To increase its beauty and to increase its function.

Here are 8 areas you need to consider whether you are thinking about just freshening up, or completely renovating your bathroom. The great thing about this list is you can choose to do 1, 2, or all of them in any combination, and still make a big impact on your bathrooms usability and look.


The first thing you are going to notice when you walk into your new bathroom, are the cabinets. New cabinets will improve your bathroom almost instantly.

Cabinet prices range a lot, from cheap particle board to custom construction. But, you can usually find something quite elegant for a reasonable price if you shop around.


Even if you can’t afford to upgrade your cabinetry, new hardware will make a huge difference. Whether you have replaced your cabinetry or not, there are literally thousands of different items you can pick out to enhance your look.

It is amazing how a nice set of hardware will make even a mediocre cabinet look high end.


New bathroom fixtures, including faucets and sinks etc should be chosen to fit in with the style of the cabinetry and the overall look. You don’t want to put modern fixtures in with elegant old fashioned cabinetry and hardware.

Even if you can’t upgrade your cabinets, adding new fixtures, as long as they are a similar style, will make a big difference in the feel of your bathroom.

Flooring / Tile

There simply isn’t a better finish for a bathroom floor than tile. Usually bathrooms aren’t that large, so the cost difference over other options will not even be that significant. Its possible find inexpensive tile if you look around for sales. It is also possible to find very expensive, elegant tile, depending on your budget.

Another popular option is linoleum, but if you can find inexpensive tile, it will definitely have a bigger impact, for probably a similar cost.


Creating a storage wall is always a great investment. Bathrooms never seem to have enough storage, but by building a storage wall, you can get small items out of your way, and create an attractive display.


Adding a big mirror to your bathroom will accomplish 2 things. First of all, it is a very practical addition, allowing you to get ready with ease. Second, it will make your small bathroom look larger.


If your bathroom is bright, it doesn’t matter if it is small. It will feel bright and comfortable. There are many choices of different bathroom lights available starting at the very inexpensive and moving up to very extravagant.

Tub or Shower

In Massachusetts, bath tubs are not very popular, but they are gaining acceptance. Whirlpool tubs are built in many different sizes and shapes. They will fit into any spot where an existing tub exists, and often even where there is an existing shower.

These 8 improvements can be done on their own, or in combination with a complete Massachusetts bathroom remodel. It all depends on your budget and goals. But, if you want to freshen up your bathroom, these are the 8 areas you need to think about.

The first thing you need to do is determine your budget. And then, look at each one of these items to decide which you can change, and which you can not.

A bathroom remodel, whether small or large, will make your home a much more enjoyable place to be. And it will make your home more valuable when you go to sell.

Home Remodeling Is a Wise Investment in Connecticut

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Whenever you have a chunk of spending, you have a difficult decision to make. You can either spend that money on things that will bring you enjoyment, or you can invest that money in hopes of making even more money. If a home remodel could bring you enjoyment, then you may be surprised that remodeling also serves as an investment.

The success of an investment is usually measured by its return, and part of what home remodeling can return is comfort. Sometimes you are crammed in a house that is either too small, or the space is just organized inefficiently. Nobody should ever feel claustrophobic in their own home. The home should be a place of comfort, and that’s what remodeling can make it. You only have to pay for the remodel once, but you’ll get to enjoy the end product for the remainder of your days in that home.

An investment in home remodeling doesn’t only yield profit in terms of comfort, but it can also literally make you money. You bought your house for a certain amount of money, but as time goes on the value of your house changes. This generally goes up in the long term, but home remodeling will boost its value immediately. Added value means that you can eventually sell your home for more after remodeling than you could before. Many times the cost of a remodel is less than the amount of value it adds. A whole profession has derived itself from this concept. People will “turn houses”, which is when a person buys a house, performs some remodeling, and re-sells the house for a profit. In our home market, like Connecticut, home remodeling can be a great tool for making money.

If you can’t decide on whether to invest your money or splurge on some enjoyment, you don’t have to choose. You can invest wisely and enjoy your investment by remodeling your home. Call your Connecticut remodeling contractor for idea and tips on getting started with your home remodel.

Basement Finishing Ideas For Your Connecticut Home

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Ideas are endless when designing your Connecticut home and basement. If anything there are too many ideas, but here are the Top 5 Uses for a Finished Basement. Word of caution to the reader – you may get too many ideas on how to use your Connecticut basement remodeling after reading this, but do your best to make a decision.

1. Man Cave or Man Room
This trend has exploded in the last decade and even has an official website which features a Man Cave gallery, Man Cave of the Year and anything else you can think of that is related. A Man Cave, or Man Room, is a finished basement room where men can go to relax and decompress. They generally decorate the “cave” how they wish and decor that was banned from being displayed upstairs many times makes a proud reappearance in the Man Cave.

Man Caves often have rules that the entire household must comply with – this is a large reason why the men want a cave to begin with. It’s common for women and children to be permitted on an invitation-only basis, so the man can have the peace and quiet he’s looking for. It’s a place for him to think, ponder and do what he wants. Common cave activities include card playing, video game playing, watching the game, and music listening.

Before building the Man Cave of your dreams however, it’s advisable to finish the basement walls and floors with materials that won’t hold water. The reason for this is that if you finish the basement using traditional drywall, any humidity, moisture or spilled beer could mold. Once you get mold in a humid basement, it will thrive unless it’s dealt with. If you finish the basement using materials that resist water, you won’t have to rip out the walls and flooring, because mold won’t be able to thrive.

2. A Room for the Kids
Whether you have teenagers or younger children, creating an extra room where the kids can play is invaluable. Since the basement is a below-grade space, it will often muffle noise, which means a quieter upstairs for you if the kids can play and hang out downstairs. Plus, adults can then use the upstairs to quietly relax while the kids play downstairs – this is ideal for sleepovers and birthday parties.

3. Family Room
A remodeled basement is also a great space where family and friends can relax together. The space is large enough so the entire family can be in the same room to play games, watch movies and just have fun.

An added bonus is that basements are below-grade spaces so they are naturally cooler in the summer months. In the winter months a heater brings warmth to the room without breaking the budget.

4. An In-Law Apartment or Extra Bedroom
Finished basements are a great way to tuck in an extra bedroom or in-law apartment when extra space is needed in the home. It is much cheaper than putting an addition onto your home and if your neighborhood has small yards, that might not be an option anyway. Then a finished basement bedroom or apartment makes great sense and saves you money too. As an in-law apartment, you can have your loved ones nearby but they still have their separate space to be as independent as possible. One word of caution: in some states if you’re building a bedroom you’ll need an egress window installed. Many basement remodeling contractors have experience with this so ask before you build.

5. A Home Theater
Maybe your family loves to watch movies together or you’ve just always wanted a home theater room. Remodeling your basement gives you extra space for a theater and being in the basement, it gives you some sound buffer too. So you and your family can enjoy movies on the big screen TV in style. For extra fun you can decorate your family theater like a real movie theater and serve popcorn in real popcorn boxes.

No matter how you decide to finish your basement, make sure it functions well for how you and your family live and play. This will ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your newly renovated space.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Your Connecticut Home

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If you are trying to find ways to create a drastic change to your Connecticut bathroom, then here is how to save a lot of trouble. Connecticut bathroom remodeling ideas are what you should be looking for in case you wanted to remodel your bathroom. Whether you are doing it to increase the value of a house that you are about to sell or just for personal pleasure, this is indeed the answer to your problems. In this article you will be able to understand what bathroom remodeling ideas are. And of course, we would give you some of the most common bathroom remodeling ideas that you could do to create a dramatic change to your bathroom. So enjoy the info while it lasts.

If you want to sale your house bathroom remodeling is a rather effective way to get your house ready. It significantly raises its value. It is the second most effective method of doing so, next to kitchen remodeling. However, this is not only for houses that are being readied to be sold, these remodeling ideas are also for those who wanted their bathrooms to look new. Maybe you are tired and fed up of going to the same old bathroom and wanted a change. Well, this is it. Your bathroom is one of the rooms that are heavily used, so to maintain or renew its former glamour. And when time comes, just in case, that you have to sell it, you know that its value is above the normal rate because of the remodeling that you did to it.

Here is some of the most common bathroom remodeling ideas:

  • Tile Wall – you could start with the walls since it is the largest and most significant part of the bathroom. 4 x 4 inch tiles are pretty much ancient and outdated. Try using the modern 8 x 13 inch glazed ceramics. Not only that they are attractive to look at, they also prevent molds and mildew. This also protects the walls from damage made out from water splashes coming from the sin. To maximize the capability, color the actual higher surfaces and manage a pretty edge of flooring in between the actual lower surface tiles and the higher colored walls.
  • Floor tiles – if you want to create a modern, sleek and spacious feel on your bathroom, replace with light colored tiles. To maximize this, setup a 12 x 12 light colored ceramics diagonally to give it an illusion of more space. Perfect for small bathrooms.
  • Lighting – I don’t know why but lighting are often overlooked when remodeling, they leave as it is. The thing is, if you really want to make a dramatic change effect on your bathroom, there’s no other way but to replace the lighting. Try to use wall mounted lights to increase its value. Lighting affect the mood of the entire bathroom.
  • Colors – the simplest method of remodeling, and perhaps the most effective is to change the color of your bathroom. Stick to the normal 60 – 30 – 10 color combination and avoid unusual colors.

See? It isn’t that difficult to remodel your bathrooms. That should do it. So remember, if you are going to remodel your bathroom, remember these bathroom remodeling ideas.

Make Your Connecticut Home Look Brand New

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If you want to spruce up your lovely home, you should start with a Connecticut home remodeling contractor that provides professional and prompt service. Certain factors that should be considered when looking for a great home remodeling service provider are how efficient and prompt their service is. Do they meet the deadlines they set for the home repairs they do? Do they work hard to come up with quality work that matches with what your vision is? A step in the right direction is employing people who listen to your needs. Repair and remodeling services are relatively costly and you want to make sure that the people who remodel your home have good attention to detail.

You want to make your house look even more inviting. There are a lot of ways to do this without it taking a huge chunk off your budget. Simple room additions to the spare spaces in your house can create a winning effect that you will be proud to show to your family and friends. A few changes and additions such as custom fences, enclosures, decks, patios, gazebos and pergolas would definitely brighten up your place. A thorough assessment is needed for your home so that you are able to know which design will work out best for your property. Consult with licensed experts so that you get better value for your money. You want to make certain that the changes are professionally installed and that your home remodeling installations and repairs are built to last.

Having experienced and well-trained people taking care of your home is key. You need to choose a company that fits the bill for your requirements. Do not take chances with second-rate remodeling and repair services. Quality service starts with contractors that sets up appointments and keeps them. Missed phone calls and missed meetings is a good indication of poor service. The reason for calling on professional services is to invest in a company’s expertise and their speed in getting an exceptional job done.

Pick a home remodeling contractor in Connecticut, Massachusetts that lets their work speak for their service. Looking at the testimonials clients have made on a company’s behalf can be a useful means of figuring out if the drywall business you are thinking of hiring One of the things that speak highly of a company’s expertise when it comes to home remodeling services are the assessments that they make about a project that they are about to begin. While looking for good testimonials from customers is always helpful, looking at samples of their work is an even better way to find out if they provide quality service.

You and your family deserve the best. When you have quality service done, it is always considered to be an investment. You will not only have a beautiful home when you hire expert service providers for patio and deck installations and other remodeling services. You are also adding to your assets by making your house and property more marketable and profitable. This will be a great help for your finances and your future plans for your children.

Home Remodeling For New Connecticut Homeowners

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When a home buyer is looking at properties to build a home on, they might find bargain prices on land that already has a home on it. Some of these homes are foreclosures which will need some remodeling done because they have been neglected when they were occupied, but for a lower purchase price the home buyers will make a good offer.

The home remodeling projects for new homeowners will start out with those that make the house livable. Home buyers will typically start by doing a home remodeling job that includes replacing the bathroom fixtures and some of the pipes used for plumbing waste to the street where the city sewage lines meet up with it.

Then a Connecticut new home buyer will typically inspect the roof and determine if a home remodeling project is needed to replace a few tiles, or if the entire roof will need to be installed. For this remodeling project they will typically hire a professional roofing company to do the job at a good price. The homeowner will not go for the latest designer trends but install roofing that is functional and keeps the rain out.

A new home buyer will most assuredly replace all of the carpeting in the home. This is more of a visual improvement but one that makes the home seem more cozy and comfortable. The new home owner might consider splurging on this home remodeling project by adding thicker foam underneath the new carpeting. They might choose to add different colors of carpeting in the den and in the formal dining room.

A Connecticut home remodeling job is never complete without a fresh coat of paint being applied to the entire house. Some rooms might require an undercoat to hide darker paints but these color blocking applications might be too expensive to use throughout the entire house. Some walls might require a totally different approach when a wallpaper remodeling project is planned for one or two rooms in the house.

Some of the home remodeling projects might need the help of a licensed electrician. Older Connecticut homes have wiring that is not currently up to the latest electrical codes and a homeowner will typically have the home inspected before any type of remodeling is done. This expense of having the house rewired throughout might delay other home remodeling projects that were planned for the house.

Even with the cost of home remodeling, a home buyer can reap a good return on their investment after years of occupying the house. The updates in the electrical systems will help reduce the electrical costs to cool and heat the home. Some people live for years in a home before further remodeling efforts are planned and in that time they save money for the other remodeling plans on the drawing board.

Secrets of Profitable Remodeling

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What is remodeling?

Remodeling is updating or altering the appearance and functional utility of a building. Home remodeling is big business. It accounts for about 40% of all residential construction spending and about 2% of the U.S. economy.

So to answer the question “Is it worthwhile to remodel my house?”
Probably; however, there are many factors to consider.

Why Remodel?

First you need to determine what’s your motivation? Why do you want to remodel? Are you remodeling for your self and your families enjoyment or to increase your appraised value?

Second do not expect a full recovery of your remodeling investment. Some estimates are as low as 40 cents on the dollar. Others, depending on what you remodel may recover more than 80%.

When to Remodel?

Other factors that will impact the return on your investment:
1. What sort of economic times are you experiencing? Are you in an up or down market?
2. How long do you tend to stay in the home? The longer the better for a good return on your investment.
3. How’s the housing market in your area? Are you competing against a lot of new tract homes?
4. How will the remodel will impact your appraised value? Find out before you invest your money.
5. How strong is the resale market? Ask a local Realtor for comparable sales for your area.
6. How soon do you plan on selling?
7. Do you plan to sell with full MLS service, FSBO, or Flat Fee MLS?

Who should remodel?

Ask yourself who will do the remodel? How good are you at remodeling?
If you’re not really handy, maybe find a friend and barter or trade services.
Are you going to do the work or hire the project out?

If you are considering remodeling, get three bids from local firms. Ask brokers, lenders, and appraisers if the cost of the remodel warrants completion.
The percentage of return on the investment for remodeling will change over time and vary from area to area. Ask the professionals.

Weigh carefully the expense of remodeling based on the return. Do only those projects which will bring you a significantly higher sales price or greater family pleasure.
Improvements and upgrades cause anguish for most sellers, because a seller wants to recover the full dollar value of the improvements. The industry standard suggests you will get back about 40 cents on every dollar. Don’t expect to recover the full amount.

For Example, if you put in improvements totaling $10,000, you should expect a net return of approximately $4,000. As a seller, you must remember that you put in that nice brick walkway because you wanted it, not for its resale value.

What should you remodel?

Average 2007 cost vs. a value report – average ROI

Deck – 85.4%
A major kitchen remodel – 78.3%
A bathroom remodel – 78.3%

Kitchen and Bath remodels are always safe to consider for good dollar return on your investment.

Know this answer; are you adding something to the home that will bring you and your family pleasure and enjoyment or are you adding something to add value?
Two very different considerations.

Areas of remodel that will bring you only marginal return on your investment are:
1. Home office
2. Sunroom additions
3. Family room additions
4. Master suite additions

Regional differences are also a consideration.

In the West Kitchens and baths are big.
East coast and North leans more to siding, dual pane window and energy types of remodeling.
The South is big on family rooms, sidings, kitchens and replacements.
And the Mid West leans toward kitchens, baths and decks.


Overall the two normally safe areas to consider upgrading and remodeling for the greatest return on your investment, are bathrooms and kitchens.

You need to answer these questions before you begin:
1. Why are you remodeling?
2. Who will do the remodeling?
3. What are you going to remodel?
4. How long do you plan to stay in the home?
5. How will you pay for the remodel?
6. What return on your investment are you expecting?

If you answer these questions and plan your project, you can probably recoup between 40 and 80 percent of your remodeling costs.

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